In partnership with Stowe Family Law    

In partnership with Stowe Family Law    

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Our team of specialist family law solicitors can help you with all matters relating to family law

In partnership with Stowe Family Law  


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If you live in Birmingham, or the surrounding areas, and require advice or assistance for any issue family law related issue, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of professional family law solicitors have years of experience in dealing with divorces and the different legal issues that surround them.
Our specialist lawyers at Family Law Birmingham fully comprehend how challenging it can be when family issues arise. That is why we put in the time to fully comprehend your situation and give practical advice designed to help ease the pressure that you’re feeling. There are no complicated procedures to follow with us and we try our best to keep settlements between family members as amicable as possible, so that disruption to other family members, such as children, are minimised. Complete our online enquiry form and we will soon be in touch with you.

Trusted Family Lawyers

We understand that having a legal issue can be all-consuming, especially when it involves your family, which is why we aim to keep the procedure as smooth as possible every step of the method. We likewise attempt to ensure we keep our settlements amicable – we comprehend keeping good relations with the member of the family is better for all worried. Our solicitors will be on hand to recommend you every step of the method, and although we aim to avoid you the expenditure of court action through settlement, where required our professional litigators are well-equipped to manage your case successfully and efficiently, guaranteeing the very best possible outcome for you and your family. We constantly keep our clients informed of how their case is progressing, and of all the options available to them every action of the method. We provide complimentary initial recommendations – get in touch today to see how we can help.
We understand that the idea of speaking to a family lawyer can be unnerving and may feel like it is only available as a last resort. Our family lawyers are used to dealing with issues at any stage in the process, whether they are beginning to occur or have been ongoing for some time, we can help. It is essential that you have the right guidance in order to make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Contact us today and get assured that your issues are in safe hands.

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Paul is incredibly professional, considered and empathetic. At every turn he keeps you fully informed - clear communication was never a problem. His good nature always shone through and he held firm where it mattered.