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Adoption is an exciting prospect for everyone involved. To ensure that the adoption process proceeds as smoothly as possible you should seek legal advice from specialist solicitors. At Family Law Birmingham our team of specialist solicitors have the knowledge and determination to ensure that the adoption process is smooth and your new family life gets off to the best possible start.
The adoption process is very important to you and your family with a number of steps required to be completed. Our team of experts will advise you at each stage what your available options are and will keep you fully informed as to how your case is progressing.
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The Adoption Process

Who can adopt?

There are different rules in cases of private adoption and adoption of looked after children. Generally speaking anyone over the age of 21 can adopt regardless of whether they are single, married, in a civil partnership, an unmarried couple (either same sex or opposite sex) or the partner of the child’s parent. The most important consideration is that you are able to provide a permanent, stable and caring home.

How do I adopt?

There are two routes for adoption. You can adopt through an adoption agency that is part of your local or you can adopt through a voluntary adoption agency. The adoption process can take around 6 months.

What does the adoption process involve?

The adoption process is very thorough and is designed to make sure applicants can care for a child and provide a healthy environment for the child to prosper.
Applying to adopt a child will involve attending a number of preparation classes. These are normally held locally and provide advice on how adopting will affect both you and the child. Choosing to adopt a child will be rewarding but it will not come without some difficulties and challenges along the way. These classes will help you handle these challenges and difficulties.
Prospective adoptive parents will also be visited on a number of occasions by a social worker. This is to ensure that you can provide a healthy environment for the child and are suitable to become an adoptive parent. The focus throughout the process is that the child will be safe and happy.
The social worker will send the assessment report to an independent adoption panel. It is this panel that will make a recommendation to the adoption agency based on your assessment. You will have the opportunity to speak with the panel to answer any of their questions and ask any questions of your own.
Although the panel will make a recommendation the final decision rests with the adoption agency.
A police check will also be carried out on you. If you or an adult member of your family has been convicted of a serious offence, you will not be able to adopt. This is especially true if the offence had been committed against a child.
You will also be asked to provide the names of three people who will be able to provide a personal reference. One of your referees may be a relative.

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What can I do if the adoption agency decides I cannot adopt?

If the adoption agency decides against allowing you to adopt you can challenge them by writing to them or by applying to the Independent Review Mechanism to review your case.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why Family Law Birmingham is the best option to assist you with your adoption needs.
Experts – At Family Law Birmingham we specialise in all aspects of family law. By focusing on solely on family law we have developed a thorough understanding of the case law and the legislation concerning adoption as well as the adoption process. This means that we have the insight and the knowledge to assist you whatever your circumstances are.
Experienced – Our team of specialist solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with adoption and associated matters. Each case we undertake informs the next case which ensures that we are able to provide you with the best possible advice.
Understanding – At Family Law Birmingham we recognise that adoption is not only an exciting process but one that can be stressful. Our team of expert adoption solicitors will take the time to get to know you and your specific circumstance and provide the advice that will help you. To ease your stress our team of specialist adoption solicitors will guide you through each step of the process, explain carefully what your options are at each stage and keep you informed of the progress of your case at each stage.
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